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30+ years of data

Financial Data APIs

761,610,316 data points and counting as of Jan 18, 2022

70+ stock exchanges all over the world
150,000+ tickers | 20000+ ETFs | 600+ indices | 1100+ forex pairs
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We cover most cases starting from EOD and Live data and ending with Screener, Fundamentals and Real-time.

Easy-to-use JSON and CSV APIs for your financial needs

General: {
    Code: AAPL,
    Type: Common Stock,
    Name: Apple Inc,
    Exchange: NASDAQ,
    CurrencyCode: USD,
    CurrencyName: US Dollar,
    CurrencySymbol: $,
    CountryName: USA,
    CountryISO: US,
    ISIN: US0378331005,
    CUSIP: 037833100,
    CIK: 0000320193,
    EmployerIdNumber: 94-2404110,
    FiscalYearEnd: September,
    IPODate: 1980-12-12,
    InternationalDomestic: International/Domestic,
    Sector: Technology,
    Industry: Consumer Electronics,
    GicSector: Information Technology,
    GicGroup: Technology Hardware & Equipment,
    GicIndustry: Technology Hardware, Storage & Peripherals,
    GicSubIndustry: Technology Hardware, Storage & Peripherals,
    HomeCategory: Domestic,
    IsDelisted: false

Quick start with sample codes

Excel/VBA, Google Sheets, Python, PHP, JAVA, C#, R, Matlab, and more...

Ready-to-go solutions

Our easy-to-use no-coding solutions help you get the data directly to MS Excel and Google Sheets.
Or download the CSV (TXT) files effortlessly with tools for Windows and Linux.

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  • EOD Data - All World Extended
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  • Economic Data
  • Splits and Dividends

EOD - All World

  • 100 000 API requests per day
  • EOD and Live API
  • 60+ stock exchanges
  • 100+ Indexes
  • 1000+ FOREX pairs
  • Adjusted closes included
  • Splits and Dividends included

Fundamentals Data Feed

  • 100 000 API requests per day
  • 20+ years of Financial Reports
  • 10+ years of EPS
  • All company details data
  • 60+ world exchanges
  • 20 0000+ Mutual Funds
  • 6000+ ETFs

All World Extended

  • 100 000 API requests per day
  • Realtime Data via WebSockets
  • Screener + Intraday Data
  • Technical Indicators
  • +EOD All World Data Feeds

Calendar Data Feed

  • 100 000 API requests per day
  • Upcoming Earnings
  • Upcoming IPOs
  • Upcoming Splits
  • 60+ supported exchanges

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Students can take advantage of our 50% discount on all our subscriptions for development of internal projects and any educational or scientific purposes. Please contact sales to request a quote at support@eodhistoricaldata.com

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