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Posts published by “EOD Historical Data”

C# .NET API Stock Wrapper

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This week we published the comprehensive .NET wrapper for all our APIs, including End-of-Day API, Fundamental API, Options API, and others, was written for us by Fred Blot. You can find the project on GitHub: The wrapper is easy to use. This C# .NET wrapper for stock API is a…

New Dividend Data

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Today we are proud to announce a big update for our Dividends Data Feed. We already provide ex-dividend date and value fields for almost all tickers we have in our dataset. However, you always ask for more information about dividend dates, for example, the payment date. Today we have added several new fields for…

[Code] Python Stock Data Seeder

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One of our subscribers, Matthew Metzger, recently created a python code which works with EOD Historical Data API: Stock Data Seeder. We are happy to publish this post and share this code with our subscribers. Stock Data Seeder is a tool for getting basic stock data and historical stock daily…

MIC Codes Mapping for Exchanges

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We support more than 60 exchanges all around the world with end-of-day, fundamental, and live data. Since we use our own exchange codes for identification, sometimes it’s not easy to find and identify exchanges. That’s why we’ve added MIC codes for all stock exchanges we do support. The Market Identifier Code (MIC)…

GICS Data for Fundamentals

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Today we’ve added information for GICS (Global Industry Classification Standard) in our fundamental API. In total, we have GICS information for more than 31000 US and non-US companies. The GICS hierarchy begins with 11 sectors and is followed by 24 industry groups, 68 industries, and 157 sub-industries. Each stock that is classified will…

More Technical Data for EOD API

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We are constantly working on improving our output and adding new features. Recently we decided to start publishing more technical data for technical analysis in our feeds. We already did provide EMA for 50 and 200 days and today we’ve published new technical indicators: Average Volume data for 14, 50…