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Posts published in “Announcement”

New FAQ and Adjusted Closes vs Closes.

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Today we started our brand new content project. Every day we answer dozens of different questions about very different aspects of the financial data. We decided to combine all our answers into several big articles and publish them under the ‘Finance FAQ’ theme. The first article has the title “Adjusted…

Huge Historical Earnings (EPS) Update

EOD Historical Data 0

Historical earnings (also known as EPS or Earnings Per Share) reports are very important data for all investors and traders. We do provide this data in our Fundamental API, but previously the data had been limited to the past several years only. And this week we delivered a huge update…

S&P 500 Historical Constituents Data

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The S&P 500 or just the S&P (also known as GSPC or $SPX index) is a stock market index that measures the stock performance of 500 large companies listed on stock exchanges in the United States. However, this index is very important for all investors and traders all around the…

[NEW] European Funds Data

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We started works on European funds data and the past week we added the end of day data for around 2000 European funds. For greater convenience, all funds are combined in one virtual exchange with code ‘EUFUND‘ – ‘Europe Fund Virtual Exchange’. This new virtual exchange is listed in our…

New Dividend Data

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Today we are proud to announce a big update for our Dividends Data Feed. We already provide ex-dividend date and value fields for almost all tickers we have in our dataset. However, you always ask for more information about dividend dates, for example, the payment date. Today we have added several new fields for…

GICS Data for Fundamentals

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Today we’ve added information for GICS (Global Industry Classification Standard) in our fundamental API. In total, we have GICS information for more than 31000 US and non-US companies. The GICS hierarchy begins with 11 sectors and is followed by 24 industry groups, 68 industries, and 157 sub-industries. Each stock that is classified will…