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Posts published in “Code Examples”

Matlab API Connector and Happy NY!

EOD Historical Data 1

We wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! And as a small gift, we are happy to introduce Matlab Connector for our API. The usage is very user-friendly, as explained in our documentation for Matlab Connector with examples. Example for Live/Delayed Prices >> data = EODML('prices', 'symbol','AAPL', 'datatype','live') data…

[Code] Python Stock Data Seeder

EOD Historical Data 0

One of our subscribers, Matthew Metzger, recently created a python code which works with EOD Historical Data API: Stock Data Seeder. We are happy to publish this post and share this code with our subscribers. Stock Data Seeder is a tool for getting basic stock data and historical stock daily…

Stock API JAVA Code Example

EOD Historical Data 0

One of our subscribers, Russel Brown, wrote the Java example and kindly offered it to those our subscribers who use the JAVA for stock data API. You can download the code here: EODHistoricalDataDownloader.java or on our documentation page with other Java examples. Below we provide more details on the code…