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Matlab API Connector and Happy NY!

EOD Historical Data 0

We wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! And as a small gift, we are happy to introduce Matlab Connector for our API. The usage is very user-friendly, as explained in our documentation for Matlab Connector with examples.

Example for Live/Delayed Prices

>> data =
EODML('prices', 'symbol','AAPL', 'datatype','live')
data = 
  struct with fields:
           symbol: 'AAPL.US'
        timestamp: 1577480400
        gmtoffset: 0
             open: 291.12
             high: 293.97
              low: 288.12
            close: 289.8
           volume: 36566500
    previousClose: 289.91
           change: -0.11
         change_p: -0.038
      datestr_GMT: '27-Dec-2019 21:00:00'
      datenum_GMT: 737786.875

More details you can find in our documentation or the Undocumented Matlab website:  https://UndocumentedMatlab.com/EODML/.

About the Author

The connector had been developed by Yair Altman. Yair Altman is a recognized Matlab expert with 30 years of experience. Yair published two textbooks on Matlab and is a member of the MathWorks advisory board. He is widely known from his UndocumentedMatlab website and contributions to public forums.

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