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Posts published in “Announcement”

Dividends API: Unadjusted Value and Currency

EOD Historical Data 0

Today we publish update Dividends API with two new fields: currency and unadjusted value or unadjusted dividend payment. The currency field indicates the currency in which dividends were provided, in most cases the dividend currency is the same as prices currency, but in several cases, mostly occurred in EU exchanges,…

Macroeconomics Data and Macro Indicators API

EOD Historical Data 2

Eventually, we published more than 30 Macro Indicators and Macroeconomics Data API. Macroeconomics is a part of economics dealing with the performance, structure, behavior, and decision-making of an economy as a whole. Our Macroeconomics Data API includes regional, national, and global economies. We provide the data for more than 30 macro indicators (the full list you can find in…

Screener API for Stock Market Data

EOD Historical Data 3

Today we are happy to announce our brand new Screener API. The Screener API is a powerful tool that helps you filter out tickers with the given parameters. Imagine, that you can easily filter all companies with Market Capitalization above 1 billion, have only positive EPS within the ‘Personal Products’…

Norway Government Bonds in Economic Data API

EOD Historical Data 0

This week we added end-of-day (EOD) data for 18 Norway government bonds to our Economic Data API. The bond API data provided on daily basis and available for the past ten years. The national government bonds are often considered as low-risk investments since the issuing government backs them. Most investors have…

Historical Outstanding Shares Data API

EOD Historical Data 2

Historical Outstanding Shares data is very important for calculations of many metrics, like historical market capitalization, P/E (price to earnings) ratio, EPS (earnings per share), CFPS (cash flow per share), and others. The number of outstanding shares usually fluctuates over time, that’s why it’s important to track these changes. We…