We are working in financial data services industry more than 4 years and opened EOD Historical Data more than a year ago, on May 2017. A lot of traders and investors remember this month when Yahoo closed its unofficial API. On May 2017 we understood that it’s a great opportunity for financial data services focused on individuals and small and medium-sized financial companies.

At the moment we have more than 10 data providers for end-of-day and Live data to cover a maximum number of exchanges and deliver quality data. The best data we have is for US exchanges since we have several data providers here and we compare them against each other. It helps us, for example, get rid of a lot of issues with PINK and OTCBB symbols. Also, we have 5 different data providers for Fundamental Data.

We based in Lyon, France with postal address: 27 rue Maurice Flandin Le Forum, 69444, Lyon, CEDEX 03. And we registered at Greffe du Tribunal de Commerce de LYON:



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