Stock Market Fundamental and Historical Data Feed API

508,629,256 Financial Data Points and Counting
As of Aug 25, 2019

We provide FUNDAMENTAL data, REAL-TIME and DAILY historical stock prices for stocks, ETFs and Mutual Funds all around the world.

Our market coverage is more than 60+ stock exchanges and more than 120 000+ symbols all over the world. We also support 120+ CRYPTO currencies and 150+ FOREX pairs.

Simple access to flexible and cheap fundamental and historical data! Stock prices start at $19.99/month.

We offer fundamentals, historical and LIVE data, dividends, splits and options for low prices. Our prices are low and the model is simple. You pay only for what you need. $19.99 for end-of-day data for entire world (60+ exchanges) and $29.99 for Fundamental data. Cheap and easy!

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Financial Data Feeds We Offer

60+ World Exchanges

At the moment we have more than 60+ supported exchanges all around the world. For almost all major exchanges we have end-of-day, live, fundamental and splits/dividends data. Here you can find the full list of supported exchanges .

Deep EOD History

For EOD data we cover all indices, US stocks, ETFs and Mutual Funds (more than 45 000 in total) from the beginning, for example, we have Ford Motors data from Jun 1972. Other stock exchanges we cover mostly from January 2000.

Huge Fundamentals

For fundamentals we support both US and non-US exchanges. For symbols from major US exchanges (around 9000 symbols in total) we have 10 years of data. For other exchanges, we have data for the last 5 years and the previous 12 quarters.

Flexible prices

In opposite to other services, here you pay only for what you need. Our prices start from $19.99 per month. And you can subscribe only to Fundamentals or Options data feed, depends on your actual needs.

FAST++ Support

We provide support both via email and Intercom (web-chat in the right bottom corner of this page). Usually we answer in several minutes and fix 99.99% of data issues within 24 hours or even faster. We work 7 days per week.

Reliable Data

We have 15+ providers for our data feeds to cover the maximum number of exchanges and provide more reliable data. We often use several data providers to compare data against different sources and deliver the best.

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EOD Historical Data — ALL WORLD
100 000 API requests per day
60+ stock exchanges
100+ Indexes
25000+ Mutual Funds
270+ FOREX and CRYPTO pairs
Live Stock Prices
Adjusted closes included
Splits and Dividends included
SAVE 50%
ALL-IN-ONE Package
100 000 API requests per day
EOD DATA - All World
Fundamental Data
Bonds Data
Options Data
Splits and Dividends
250+ currency pairs
Bond Data Feed — US ONLY
100 000 API requests per day
US Corporate Bonds
Bonds Fundamental Data
Bonds Historical Data
Prices and yields
Access via ISIN or CUSIP
Flexible data access
JSON data output
Calendar Data Feed
100 000 API requests per day
Upcoming Earnings
Upcoming IPOs
Upcoming Splits
60+ supported exchanges
Fundamental Data
100 000 API requests per day
All major exchanges
20 0000+ Mutual Funds
6000+ ETFs
Comprehensive fundamental data
Stock Options Data — US ONLY
100 000 API requests per day
TOP 4500 US Stocks
Options data in JSON
In The Money
Bid-Ask prices
For students and for academic purposes up to 50% Off. Students can take advantage of our 50% discount on all subscriptions for development of internal projects. Please contact sales to request a quote.



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