C# .NET API Stock Wrapper

Comprehensive .NET wrapper for all our APIs, including End-of-Day API, Fundamental API, Options API, and others, was written for us by Fred Blot. You can find the project on GitHub EODHistoricalData.NET.

The wrapper is easy to use. This C# .NET wrapper for stock API is a stand-alone .NET project. For a quick start, we recommend to download binary files from the ‘Release’ folder and add it as a reference. The project is opensource and if you need better code understanding and/or debug possibilities, you can download the source code from the same GitHub repository.


Usage of a wrapper can’t be easier. You instantiate the EODHistoricalDataClient object, which is a Facade pattern, using your API token and you’re good to go :

EODHistoricalDataClient client = new EODHistoricalDataClient(Consts.ApiToken, true);

The boolean parameter, which is optional, is the use of a system-defined proxy. Specific full proxy configuration is not supported yet.

API calls

Then you just have to call the API you want, which returns the response in the corresponding structure. Here are a few examples :

List<HistoricalPrice> prices = client.GetHistoricalPrices(Consts.TestSymbol, Consts.StartDate, Consts.EndDate);

List<RealTimePrice> prices = client.GetRealTimePrices(Consts.MultipleTestSymbol);

Each method has its own set of parameters corresponding to the REST API parameters.

For more information about the C# .NET Wrapper for stock and fundamental data API, you can on the GitHub page of the project here: EODHistoricalData.NET.

Some words about the author

Fred Blot

Fred Blot has a blog Autoquant (https://www.autoquant.fr). It’s a blog about “life journey” as a retail autodidact quantitative trader to be. The blog is in French, but it’s easy to translate everything in our modern world.

Fred also has a GitHub account: going-striker (https://github.com/going-striker).

If you still have any questions just write to support@eodhistoricaldata.com.

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