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We support more than 60 exchanges all around the world. All US exchanges are combined into one virtual exchange ‘US,’ which includes NYSE, NASDAQ, NYSE ARCA, and OTC/PINK tickers. All indices and commodities are in virtual exchanges INDX and COMM, respectively.

To get the full list of supported exchanges with names, codes, operating MICs, country, and currency, you can use the ‘exchanges-list’ endpoint:

There are no any additional parameters, the example of output below:

Get List of Tickers (Exchange Symbols)

To get a list of symbols for exchange you need to be authenticated and have a proper API key with access to this exchange. The URL should be like this:{EXCHANGE_CODE}?api_token={YOUR_API_KEY}

We do support both CSV and JSON output for this API endpoint. As an output you will get the following information: Symbol (or Code), Company Name, Country, Exchange (fully supported only for US stocks), and Currency. And here is a sample output for list symbols of exchange:

Register & Get Data

Each API request costs 1 API call. You also can get a full list of supported tickers with our Sitemap.

And don’t forget to check our Exchange Trading Hours and Holidays API.


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