Get Exchange Details and Trading Hours

To get details on each exchange you should use the following URL:

Please use the exchange code from the API endpoint above. With this API endpoint you will get detailed information about each exchange we do support, including:

  • Timezone – the timezone of exchange
  • isOpen – boolean value which indicates if exchange open right now or closed.
  • Trading hours and working days – open hours with working days for each exchange in the exchange timezone. This field could include also lunch hours if the exchange has it.
  • ActiveTickers – tickers with any activity for the past two months.
  • UpdatedTickers – tickers updated for the current day.

The example for the US exchange you can find below:

Market Holidays Data API

The second important part of the same API endpoint is Market Holidays Data.

Additional Parameters:

  • from – the format is ‘YYYY-MM-DD’. If you need data from Jan 5, 2017, to Feb 10, 2017, you should use from=2017-01-05. The default value is 6 months before the current date.
  • to – the format is ‘YYYY-MM-DD’. If you need data up to Feb 10, 2022, you should use to=2022-02-10. The default value is 6 months after the current date.

We provide market holiday data for all exchanges we support. And it’s easy to understand if the exchange is open or closed on a particular day.

Exchange holidays are provided 2 months back and 6 months forward. There are also two types of holidays: bank and official. In some countries, like the United Kingdom, there are bank holidays, but not official.

You can find the example of output below:

Do not forget to check our Exchanges API.

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