14.000 Delisted Tickers for Testing trading strategies

Professional traders who are deeply immersed in the process of developing trading strategies are well aware of what is a survivor's mistake.

You can see hundreds of percent of annual returns if you do backtest strategies on successful stocks that are currently trading. These are fantastic numbers. Unfortunately, the reality is very different from these tests.

Dozens and sometimes hundreds of companies are delisted from exchanges every month for various reasons, including bankruptcy. To get the most relevant test results, you need to use the largest possible amount of data on tickers of companies that have left the market.

Complete Delisted data is quite hard to find for buying. But we have a solution that covers 11.000 US tickers (from Jan 2000) and 3.000+ Non-US tickers (3-4 years old). This is much better than 90% of the most common sources of such data. In addition, we are constantly replenishing these archives.

You can purchase the List of Delisted tickers for $98 as a one-time payment, to do so, please write a letter to support@eodhistoricaldata.com with the subject "List of Delisted tickers purchase".

Or you can obtain that data by taking our annual subscription with one of the pricing plans listed below.

It is important to mention here our 3 key strengths of our company:
  1. Minimum data errors in comparison with competitors due to our own expertise, fast processing of customer feedback, and know-how on data processing and verification. This is the 1st key competitive advantage.
  2. Fast support. The average time for solving a client's problem is 1 hour 17 minutes. Compare with how long you had to wait for a response in other companies. This is the 2nd key competitive advantage.
  3. Good coverage for all major exchanges. We process up to 70 data sources to collect the maximum volume and verify the data. This is the 3rd key competitive advantage.

You can get minute or daily data on delisted tickers as a gift if you buy a subscription to one of the following packages

Buy an annual subscription and get full access to Delisted data

To sign up for a yearly subscription, you need to take 3 steps:
  1. register
  2. write a letter to support@eodhistoricaldata.com
  3. pay for an annual subscription

In the reply letter you will receive instructions on how to download the data.

We strive to be the best in financial data service for small companies so that quality data is available at a fair price to all market participants. This develops the market as a whole.

Now our data overlaps with the requirements of many clients: data depth – up to 30 years, 76 stock exchanges all over the world, 150,000+ tickers | 20,000+ ETFs | 600+ indices | 1100+ forex pairs