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3 New Stock Exchanges And 60+ In Total

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This week we have started to support three new stock exchanges: Warsaw Stock Exchange (Poland), Istanbul Stock Exchange (Turkey) and Budapest Stock Exchange (Hungary). With these exchanges, at the moment we support more than 60+ stock exchanges all over the world. The full list of supported exchanges with exchange codes and names can…

Stripe Payments Integration

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We are happy to announce, that in addition to PayPal payments we just added integration with Stripe. This is one of the best online payment processing systems for internet businesses we know. Don’t worry, for now, we do support both payment services: [icon name=”paypal” class=”” unprefixed_class=””]PayPal and [icon name=”cc-stripe” class=”” unprefixed_class=””]Stripe. And…

Everything To Keep You In Touch

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Finally, we launched several media sources which will help you to be informed about our new features, plans, current state and many other things. We launched the service one year ago, in May 2017. And all these months you, our subscribers and users, constantly asked us about the appropriate channel…